Therapy and Counseling for Pregnancy – Podcast

Therapy and Counseling for Pregnancy


Therapy and counseling for pregnancy related issues has gained more importance due to higher social and financial stressors as compared to before. A woman who is pregnant undergoes tremendous changes- physiological, psychological as well as socially. This transition in life further needs new adjustments for the couple as well as the family. Due to these pregnancy related changes and adjustments, some women can find this experience overwhelming and thereby seek for support from therapy and counseling.

Ms. Priyanka Bantwal is a counseling psychologist with expertise in therapy and counseling for pregnancy joins this podcast episode with MHT. In this episode, she talks about pregnancy related issues such as guilt, body image issues, relationship issues, self care, prenatal counseling and postpartum depression.

The major emphasis has been placed on self-compassion by Ms. Bantwal. In this podcast episode, she also talks about the prevalence of miscarriages and depression amongst women. Tune in to this episode to know about the various advantages of therapy and counseling for pregnancy.


About Mrs. Priyanka Bantwal

Mrs. Priyanka Bantwal is a psychologist based out of Mangalore. Her expertise in perinatal mental health and counselling for pregnancy-related issues has been helping many individuals during these emotionally overwhelming times.


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